Situation Court would like to present our newest model, Gigi Nolastname, She is a licensed cosmetologist and volunteer firefighter. Also, Gigi is currently working on her undergrad degree.

We asked Gigi about her goals and inspirations. She stated, “My goals are to continue to learn and grow on a daily basis and to continue to NOT fit into the boxes that others try to put me into. I want to be an inspiration to the person that has been counted out but doesn’t want to give up. Each day that I wake up in good health I’m inspired to do better than I did the day before.”

We also asked her how she feels about beauty? She replied, “I feel that beauty is more than what our society says it is. Most people tend to focus on outer beauty. To me, beauty is more about what you are doing to make a difference in the world, in your community and for the people who are around you. Beauty is more than skin deep. It’s about what’s inside of you, your spirit and the light inside of you that attracts others to you. Beauty is the person who’s up all night with a sick child and then gets up and goes to work like nothing is wrong. Beauty is the person who’s hurting inside but then sees you hurting so they put a smile on their face and then comforts you. Beauty is the person that gets up each day and continues to fight through their struggles in order to make someone else’s life better.”

We think that Gigi is beautiful inside/out! She has a bright future ahead of her.

Follow her on instagram @giginextlevel

photo by @dexterdcoheniei
Dexter D. Cohen
Internal Expedition Images