What is Situation Court

Situation Court is a court room for the people by the people. There is no suing of any sort! I was in a relationship where my mate and I had a situation that happened years ago. It was a dispute about how and why we had initially parted ways. It constantly came up, but we could never agree who was at fault! It wasn’t serious enough to seek a counselor. But at that moment, I had wished that there was somewhere we could have gone together and tell our side of the story and get an unbiased opinion.

Well enter “Situation Court!” It’s a place where friends, ex friends, lovers, ex lovers, neighbors, family members, etc etc can come and settle their disputes. We have a Judge that goes by the name of Judge P. He’s more of a mediator. He gives his opinion of the situation, but the best part about the show is that the people actually vote on who won the case. This will give a greater perspective on who more than likely was right about the dispute.

We are based in Hampton Roads Virginia. We were established in 2017. What makes us special is the fact that we can help people have some sort of closure to a dispute. We give people the opportunity to fully tell their side of a story. Some relationships can be mended or ended. And some people may even get an apology! And we’re really special because we are the only place that can help with tough situations!

Our core value is to seek the truth, not a victory.

If you or someone you know needs help handling a dispute, send them our way!